Pharmex’s Pharmacovigilance service operates based on the principles of Science and Pharmacovigilance activities, which aim to identify, evaluate, understand, and prevent adverse effects or other concerns related to the use of its pharmaceutical products.

Main objectives are:

  • The recording and reporting of adverse effects that may occur in people who are ill and take the company’s medicines.
  • The safe and effective use of pharmaceutical products, with the timely provision of valid information about the safety of the preparations to people who are sick, to health professionals and the public.

If you notice any side effects, inform your doctor or pharmacist. In addition, you can directly contact Pharmex and/or the National Organization for Medicines:


  • 132 Kifisou Avenue,121 31
    Peristeri Athens-Greece
  • +210 5199200

  • +210 5144279

  • Adverse Reaction Report
    24 Hour Hotline:
    +30 6932653761

National Organization for Medicines

  • Messogion Avenue 284
    Cholargos 15562 Athens, Greece
  • +30 2132040380/337
  • +30 2106549585