PHARMEX SA was established in 1981, as a greek pharmaceutical company which aspired to grow not only in Greece, but also abroad, through partnerships with the greatest research and development houses. Our purpose is the merging of the medical world and health services with man.

After 34 years of experience and partnerships of the highest level, with global pharmaceutical giants, we have achieved the desired growth, by pioneering the import of new specialized skin care products and the production of pharmaceutical patent medicine, through the use of the strictest European standards (EU-GMP). This high level of know-how allows the company to represent, promote and distribute pharmaceutical products and medical devices of the highest quality, which cover a great range of treatment categories.

After 34 years of experience and know-how in the field of health, we continue with the same unquenchable passion and we are one of the most important partners of the pharmaceutical and medical community, in their struggle to improve the life of patients, through the work of doctors and pharmacists.